If one thing is certain...

is that you will face challenges in your personal and professional life. It’s the nature of life and business as well. The real question is not if you will face adversity, the real question is: are you prepared to successfully overcome difficult times and help others on your way out?

Join us in a four (4) virtual sessions mastermind. Complementary mastermind ($149 value). This 4 session study is designed to help you:

  • Learn practical ways to maneuver through times of difficulty and adversity.
  • Effectively battle distractions during times of crisis and stress
  • Adopt successful thinking habits to think your way through any crisis
  • Gain knowledge of how to help others in times of crisis

We will be using as a foundation: the Virtual Leadership Summit by John C. Maxwell, one of the most-watched and listened to Facebook Live broadcasts ever!

As an Executive Director of John Maxwell Team, I will be hosting a series of four (4) virtual sessions to take a deeper dive into the content. As an Executive Coach, I will help you internalize by understanding the ideas, having a greater self-awareness related to those ideas, intentionally applying practical application to your life, and putting small steps into action to lead through and beyond the current crisis.

In this 4-days in-depth study, you have the opportunity to join forces and mastermind with a unique group of like-minded individuals who are focused on taking results in every area of their lives to a new level.

A Virtual Event FROM MAY 26 TO MAY 29 - 6 PM ET:

Session 1: Defining a crisis

Session 2: Battling distractions during a crisis

Session 3: Character in a crisis

Session 4: Real leadership in crisis

No cost to participate! Register to received access to the Participant Guide and Zoom's ID and password - limited space.


In this complementary mastermind:

  1. Participants will be guided through thoughts, values and decisions to help them implement daily, small, practical steps that will help them experience greater peace and empowerment as they lead through crisis.
  2. Participants will be encourage to internalize what they’re learning by understanding the ideas, having a greater self-awareness related to those ideas, intentionally applying practical application to their lives, and putting each steps into action for more effective leadership.
  3. Each lesson is designed to prompt questions from key values and encourage discussion to increase our awareness for any crisis.
  4. Further, to prompt discussion, promote self-discovery, and encourage the application of ideas presented in the video and material being studied.

MASTERMIND expectations & participant values:

  • • BE Committed to the Group
  • • BE Ready to Add Value to Each Member
  • • BE On Time
  • • BE Free of Your Cell Phone
  • • BE Encouraging
  • • BE Willing to Learn from Other Members

Your Instructor / Tu Instructor

Dr. Liana C. Sáenz
Dr. Liana C. Sáenz

Her purpose is to help individuals, groups, and organizations reach success. She is committed to the growth of her clients' skills and a global perspective in order for them to reach high levels of growth and achievements.

Mother, wife, friend, servant leader, writer, international speaker, mentor, and coach. She is the Executive Director and Founder of the organization's "LEADINFORCE LLC" and "Liderazgo Hispanoamericano ©"; She is a Global Leadership Consultant; as well as Executive Director of the "John Maxwell Team ©" and Professor at Miami Dade College. She is the author of "Leadership and Culture." Dr. Sáenz is originally from Colombia and currently lives with her family in the United States.

For more information about LEADINFORCE and Dr. Sáenz, click the following link: leadinforce.com/about-dr-saenz


NOTE: If you know of any group or organization who would like me to facilitate this Mastermind with them (Max 8-10 people per group), feel free to contact me directly on [email protected]

Our desire in these challenging times is to serve as many groups as possible.

Team Leadinforce.