Making an impact means leaving your mark on the world you live in. To achieve this, you must first understand your identity, communicate effectively with others, and leverage your strengths to identify the right career path. Knowing your motivation is crucial for making confident decisions when planning your future career and business journey.


Thousands have used this method to jump-start successful careers, become strong leaders, reach the next level, and attain significant outcomes in both their personal and professional lives.


“I am shocked at how accurately the report describes me. Now I have a better understanding of why some areas in my relationships are more difficult for me than others. I realize how this is impacting me in my interactions with my colleges and family members.”

Angela Montgomery, CA USA, College Student. 

“These exercises are helpful with focusing on my strengths. However, the most helpful exercise for me was “Design your Learning Environment”. At first I thought I already knew this, but all those details helped me see that I can improve my environment and speed up my projects.”  

Gerardo Martinez, MD USA Prospective College Student.

“I am looking at the next level in my career. So, after we went over all the parts of the report, we created a plan and a road map based on my strengths and that is helping me focus more on what matters in my professional career. I am extending the coaching sessions.” 

Martha S. Zambrano, Costa Rica, Professional Accountant. 


The primary purpose of the College and Career Program is to provide a customized roadmap for you to discover your:

STRENGTHS - What you do best.

WEAKNESSES - How to recognize you blind spots.

LEARNING STYLE - How you naturally learn.

COMMUNICATION STYLE - How to interact with others.

MOTIVATIONS - The environment you need to thrive.

CAREER MATCHES - Career options suited to your strengths.

And more:

Understand Yourself: 

Our mission is to empower you with self-awareness and enhance your understanding of the individuals around you. We achieve this by meticulously analyzing your behavioral style, as well as your public, private, and perceived personas.

Your Communication Style: 

Discover your unique communication style to enhance your relationships and teamwork with others. Our report will showcase your strongest communication strategies, your driving attributes, the exceptional value you contribute, and the impressive qualities you display to those around you.

Your Ideals at Work:

Unleash your potential by uncovering your professional values to confidently make decisions and take action. Our report provides an in-depth analysis of shared values and their potential drawbacks. You'll gain valuable insight into your two primary motivators and receive expert guidance on how to maximize their impact.

The Ways You Learn:

This section provides valuable insights into different learning styles. You'll be able to identify your unique style and acquire proven techniques to improve your performance during lectures, studying, and exams. Plus, you'll learn about powerful tools for enhancing your learning style capacity and maintaining a positive attitude towards learning.

The Ways You Think:

Every person possesses a unique way of processing and understanding information. This report thoroughly examines the diverse cognitive thinking styles, accurately identifies an individual's dominant thinking style traits, and recommends effective strategies to harness their strengths and enhance their learning encounters.

Strengths in Leadership: 

The success you achieve will be determined by your leadership skills. You'll be provided with a graph and details highlighting your proficiency in seven different leadership categories, which will demonstrate how you impact outcomes and your professional growth. Moreover, your coach will guide you on a proven approach to maintain exceptional performance in the long run.

Career Match:

Based on the scores of your assessment, you will receive a Career Match list including careers/occupations that would be of significant interest to you. This guide will help you to gain an idea of career paths that utilize your key strengths and will help you to consider the possibilities of careers that you may find fulfilling.

Your Personal Image: 

Individuals often exhibit different aspects of their personality in distinct environments. To evaluate the influence you have on your relationships and self-perception, you can undertake two exercises to gather feedback from others. The initial exercise concentrates on how you manage pressure, while the second examines how you typically view yourself.

Action Plan:

With a clear understanding of your communication style, values, learning methods, level of influence, and personal image, it's time to create a plan for personal and professional development. Remember, being aware of these aspects is only valuable if you take action towards improvement.

Your Next Step:

By using your personal and professional action plan and gaining awareness during our sessions, you will have a clear understanding of your next step. Whether we collaborate in a coaching, mentoring, or training capacity, I will guide you towards growth, influence, and further development of your leadership, communication, connection, and interpersonal skills in both personal and professional settings.


This technique is specifically crafted to aid individuals in constructing a rewarding life and career, while also cultivating relationships that will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in their future accomplishments.


1. Fill out the “Before your first session…” form below and submit it.

2. Process payment: You pay $390 for this investment. The program includes:

·  The College and Career Impact Report (approximately 42 pages).

·   Three (3) virtual Executive Coaching Sessions – 60 min each.

·  Access to LEADINFORCE – ACADEMY – including all the Academy bonuses.

3. You will receive an email receipt and immediate access to the first milestone:

Set the Intention”, which includes the agenda and detailed instructions for the process.

4. Then you will schedule sessions, take an assessment, and prepare for the Executive Coaching sessions.

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This is a powerful exercise that can help you become more aware, intentional, and confident. This program offers effective tools to enhance your clarity, enabling you to make informed and assertive decisions and move forward with self-assurance toward your next goal. With these tools, you'll be unstoppable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my sessions?

Upon payment you will receive access to your first milestone: “Set the Intention”, which includes a link to schedule your sessions. 

Is this a personalized program?

Yes, the report uses the DISC Personality System which is the universal language of behavior. 

Can I purchase executive coaching after the end of the sessions?

Absolutely! success is not an event it’s a journey. The road map for your personal and professional development requires your full commitment beyond three sessions. The support of an executive coach will help you to reach your desired goal. 

Is there any discount for first-time users?

We would like to express our appreciation and extend a warm welcome to you at the LEADINFORCE ACADEMY. To show our gratitude, we are offering a one-time discount for our program. You can reach out to us via text at USA (786) 916 0698 if you are within the USA, or via WhatsApp at +1 (786) 916 0698 if you are international. Upon contact, we will provide you with a direct message containing the code to register. Please note that the discount code is non-transferable and will expire 24 hours after issuance.